"Innovation is a never-ending process"

With the support of the MODU product world, we can offer you an even wider range of solutions, completely adapted to your individual needs. Thus, together with MODU System, BÖMA can be used in a wide range of industries:

Founded in Singapore in 1995, MODU System expanded its production shortly thereafter, with additional production facilities in Malaysia. From 2007, the company expanded to China and Europe, as well as the USA.

From the beginning, MODU System has made a significant development in the conveying business, leaving many of its competitors behind. The aim is to provide a "one-stop modular conveying system center" to satisfy various consumers.

It is precisely this philosophy that BÖMA takes up, so that together with MODU System we can respond even more strongly to customer wishes and needs.


We would be happy to develop the right solution for individual needs.

  • Reduced design/development time
  • Versatile standard modules
  • Flexible system, changes easily possible
  • All transport directions possible - horizontal, vertical, curve, inclination, slope, ...
  • THE simple modular chain conveyor
  • Widths available from 35 - 585 mm
  • Different chain coatings or flights available - specifically for your application
  • Curves can be adapted to your application (30, 45, 60, 90°)
  • A closed, compatible system up to the side guide
  • Transport weights up to 300 kg depending on the size and length of the chain
  • Speeds from 3-60 m/min
  • Conveying length up to 30 m with one drive
  • Buffering possibilities on conveyor line via spiral conveyors etc.

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